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    Feline Behavior Decoded – Fun & Games

    Jul 15 2013

    by Katherine What is normal play – also called environmental enrichment – for a cat? As we learned last time, the outdoor cat spends most of its day hunting for…

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    Cat Behavior Decoded – Food & Feeding

    Jul 09 2013

    by Katherine What is normal feeding behavior for cats? In the “wild,” or among feral cat communities, cats hunt for their food. Because meals in the wild are not readily…

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    Why does my pet need an exam?

    Jun 12 2013

    Ever wonder what your veterinarian is looking for when she examines your pet?  There is more to it than you might think! Veterinarians are actually like medical instruments themselves –…

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    Cats and Carriers and Cars, oh my!

    Jun 01 2013

    by Annie As any cat owner worth their tuna will tell you, taking your feline friend to the vet is often not a fun or easy experience for either party…

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    Frontier Loves Dove!

    May 30 2013

    On Sunday June 9, we Run for the Love of Dove!  Dr. Loepp, Missie, Jessie, Megan and Sara will all run, joined by our canine pals Hennessey, Dusty, and Luca. …

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    Trimming my dog’s nails, part 2 – Time to trim!

    Apr 23 2013

    by Katie If you missed the first installment of my nail trimming blog, read it here! Trimming the Nails Now that your dog allows the nail trimmers to touch his…

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    Meet Jill’s Family

    Apr 10 2013

    Now that you’ve met our staff, it’s time you met their pets!  When it comes down to it, we all work at Frontier for one reason – we love pets. …

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    What is Kennel Cough?

    Mar 29 2013

    by Dr. Yung Kennel cough is known medically as Infections Tracheobronchitis (ITB) – an infectious disease of the trachea and lungs, but NOT pneumonia, which is a much more serious…

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    Trimming my dog’s nails? I don’t know how!

    Mar 29 2013

    by Katie In this first installment of my nail trim how-do blog, I am going to talk about what we call “desensitizing” your dog to the nail trim process.  Stay…

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    Walking the dog – he loves it, rain or shine!

    Mar 15 2013

    by Jessie When Hennessy came trotting back to me, tennis ball in his mouth and holding a back leg up, I knew it had finally happened.  Having a dog, particularly…