‘Tis the Season…for Holiday Hazards

Now that the holidays are coming up quickly, we need to remember that this season can actually be dangerous to our pets.  From slipping out the door when friends and family come over, to eating things they aren’t supposed to, don’t forget to keep a closer eye out on the four-legged family members with whom…

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Snotty Kitties: The Truth Behind the Sneezing & Congestion

Many cat owners have experienced a “snotty kitty” – your cat doesn’t feel well, sneezes and sounds congested much like a person with a cold.  But what causes these infections and how can you help your cat feel better?  We asked Dr. Beedle to explain. What causes the infection? Feline upper respiratory infections are caused…

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Common Anesthesia Myths

We know that the decision to put your pet under anesthesia is not one you take lightly, and neither do we.  But there are many common misconceptions about anesthesia that may have you more concerned than is really needed.  Here are the common myths we hear regularly, and what we at Frontier do to minimize…

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Feline Behavior Decoded – Fun & Games

What is normal play – also called environmental enrichment – for a cat? As we learned last time, the outdoor cat spends most of its day hunting for its next meal.  While expending energy is expensive to the cat, it is also extremely mentally stimulating! The outdoor cat finds hiding places: small cubbies for protection…

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Cat Behavior Decoded – Food & Feeding

What is normal feeding behavior for cats? In the “wild,” or among feral cat communities, cats hunt for their food. Because meals in the wild are not readily available, cats spend most of their time and energy hunting for their next meal, whether or not they’re hungry. If left to their own devices, cats will…

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Why does my pet need an exam?

Ever wonder what your veterinarian is looking for when she examines your pet?  There is more to it than you might think! Veterinarians are actually like medical instruments themselves – their senses of touch, sight, and smell are finely tuned to alert on abnormalities in your pet.  We know, looks can be deceiving – your…

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Cats and Carriers and Cars, oh my!

As any cat owner worth their tuna will tell you, taking your feline friend to the vet is often not a fun or easy experience for either party involved. The finding, the catching, and the stuffing into the carrier quickly escalates tension, so that by the time you make it to the exam room, even…

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Trimming my dog’s nails, part 2 – Time to trim!

If you missed the first installment of my nail trimming blog, read it here! Trimming the Nails Now that your dog allows the nail trimmers to touch his toe nails, you can begin to actually cut the nails. I prefer to have my dog lay on her side for the nail trimming process, but whatever…

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Trimming my dog’s nails? I don’t know how!

In this first installment of my nail trim how-do blog, I am going to talk about what we call “desensitizing” your dog to the nail trim process. Stay tuned for next month’s installment, and soon you will be an expert at trimming your dog’s nails! Trimming nails on my dog? I don’t know how! The…

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Walking the dog – he loves it, rain or shine!

When Hennessy came trotting back to me, tennis ball in his mouth and holding a back leg up, I knew it had finally happened. Having a dog, particularly a large dog, there’s always the risk that they could tear the cruciate ligament in their knee, which is similar to an ACL tear in humans. I…

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