Cat Boarding

Standard Cat Boarding

We know that when boarding your cat, you want to feel confident that your furry family member is both safe and comfortable. We strive to make pet boarding at Frontier feel like your pet’s home away from home. Our amenities make your pet’s stay relaxing and fun!

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Our feline amenities:

  • Secure cat boarding suite away from hospital operations and other pets
  • Fully air-conditioned and heated boarding suite
  • Monitoring by our technicians and kennel attendant for health and cleanliness
  • Administration of medications if necessary
  • Ability to have routine care or medical treatments, such as exams and dental cleanings, performed during your pet’s stay
  • To fill out your boarding paperwork in advance click here.

Medical Cat Boarding

We offer 2 levels of Medical cat boarding services, depending on the level of care needed.

Level 1 Medical boarding is for pets who are stable but require extra supervision during their stay, such as those with chronic diseases or those requiring active assistance due to age or disability. This package includes administration of any medications, subcutaneous fluids, or injections you provide.

Accommodations: Pets are housed in our regular boarding areas, which consist of all-indoor, heated, and air-conditioned kennels.

Medical supervision: Pets are monitored by both our boarding staff and medical staff throughout their stay. They are closely monitored for changes in behavior, eating, drinking, and elimination.

Conditions that require Level 1 Medical Boarding

Feline Chronic Conditions:
• Chronic Kidney Disease
• Heart Disease
• Asthma
• Diabetes
• Post radioactive iodine therapy

Any pet needing active assistance with:
• Eating
• Drinking
• Elimination
• Mobility

Level 2 Medical Boarding is for pets who require close medical observation during their stay because their condition is not medically stable. These pets are boarded in a manner that is similar to hospitalization. This package includes administration of any medications, subcutaneous fluids, or injections you provide.

Accommodations: Pets are housed in our species-specific ICU (intensive care unit), adjacent to the treatment area, where they may be clearly observed by our medical team.

Medical supervision: Pets are observed and monitored by our medical staff throughout their stay. Care is provided by our Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT) based on his or her individual treatment plan. Temperature, pulse and respiration are checked regularly by a CVT, and each receives assistance with eating, drinking and elimination if needed.

Conditions that require Level 2 Medical Boarding

• Post-surgical or post-treatment: Examples include orthopedic or major soft tissue surgery.
• Ill patients: Examples include unregulated diabetics, unregulated epileptics, cancer patients, etc.
• Advanced seniors: Senior pets who need consistent monitoring for emerging health problems and may require urgent medical intervention.

Boarding FAQS

Medical boarding is for pets whose Frontier veterinarian has prescribed special accommodations due to a chronic or acute condition. Examples are diabetic pets needing insulin, post-surgical care patients, chronic conditions requiring close monitoring like heart or kidney issues, and advanced seniors that need assistance and supervision. If your pet has a chronic disease or other qualifying condition, please contact your Frontier veterinarian proactively to discuss options. We have limited medical boarding availability and reservations are required well in advance of your pet’s stay.

Our kennel space can fill up fast, especially during the holidays, so advance reservations are essential. Please give us a call at 503-648-1643 to reserve your pet’s accommodation.

Please allow at least 15-30 minutes for your pet’s check-in. It is our priority to make your pet’s stay as comfortable and easy as possible. With that in mind, we make sure to ask a variety of questions during the check-in procedure. To expedite the check-in procedure, you are welcome to bring the completed boarding paperwork with you. Click here to access our Forms page.

All pets boarding at FVH need to be up-to-date on required vaccinations unless medically contraindicated per your veterinarian for medical boarding. For cats, we require FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations. Please provide proof of vaccination at the time of drop-off if your pet has not received his or her vaccines from us. Vaccinations can be given here at the hospital, but a physical exam is required for pets new to our clinic or those we have not seen in over a year.

Feeding your pet their regular diet is key to reducing the stress of boarding. Please bring your pet’s regular food in a sufficient quantity to last through the entirety of your pet’s stay. You may also bring treats! Just make sure you instruct us to feed the same amount of food and treats as your pet would normally get at home to avoid GI upset. If we run out of your provided food, we’ll feed Frontier’s food at a cost of $3/day.

One of the benefits of boarding your pet at FVH is knowing that their medical needs can and will be taken care of. Our kennel staff is trained to give basic medication, and there is always a trained professional available to administer any needed injections, insulin, or fluids. Please be sure to bring any medications your pet will need during their stay. Medications need to be in their original bottle, complete with the label detailing the doctor’s instructions.

*COVID UPDATE: We cannot accept soft toys or bedding at this time, however, we will provide bedding if you approve this on your boarding paperwork. We will accept any toys that are dishwasher-safe.

You are welcome to bring a blanket, bed, or pillow that will increase your pet’s comfort and fit comfortably in their kennel. Some animals enjoy having a familiar stuffed animal or toy with them. If the item is not machine washable, however, FVH reserves the right to substitute our in-house bedding. Please note that some pets may become anxious and chew their bedding or toys during their stay, so you will be asked to sign a release form prior to FVH keeping these items in your pet’s kennel.

We are not staffed 24-hours. Our hospital is staffed from shortly before opening time until shortly after closing each day. Click here for our regular business hours. On holidays where the hospital is closed, we do not offer drop-off or pick-up from boarding; however, our kennel is staffed to care for all our boarding pets’ needs.

Cat Boarding Services

For any other questions regarding our cat boarding services, call us at 503-648-1643

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