“The facilities are very nice and welcoming. The staff and doctor were great and we really enjoyed the visit. Test results were communicated quickly.”

“The Doctor that helped us was very compassionate and caring. All the office staff I spoke with by phone and in person was also very compassionate and helpful. We have had a lot of pets in our lives, there have been some caring people along the way but not like at Frontier. The doctor called me a couple days later to check on how we were doing. I can say, no one has ever done that for us…ever. And the bereavement card was very nice. Thank you all for all you have done for us.”

“Everyone was extremely friendly and happy to see me. The place had the most beautiful layout with the private sitting areas. I just love how the staff made me feel so welcome.”

“Dr. Hunt was incredibly informative and helpful!”

“I’ve been waiting my entire life as a pet parent to find Frontier! Dr. Jill Palmer was so thorough and committed to my cat’s difficult case and gave him exceptional care. Just in the couple of days post-procedure, my cat Bowie is himself again and is on the path back to wellness. I am so grateful and relieved. Compassionate and competent Vets, Techs and Staff! Thank you!”

“I took my cat to Frontier Vetrinary Hospital for 3 years. From my first visit to my last, my cat saw at least 4 of the vets here as he always seemed to be getting himself into trouble. Each one of the vets we saw were very kind and eager to listen to any concerns and answer any questions. All of their staff were always very very friendly, helpful, and welcoming. They gave my kitty excellent care and helped him through cuts, dental cleanings, utis, and the scariest of all, fip (a fatal disease in cats). I would like to specifically thank Dr. Hunt who primarily saw my kitty and also Dr. Tolson who saw him toward the end of his life. They are both fantastic veterinarians who always knew how to best help my cat. As a first time cat mom I wanted the best for my kitty and am so grateful I stumbled upon Frontier because it certainly is the best! Thank you to each of the staff who worked with Oscar these past few years. I really appreciate your kindness and everything you did for us.”

“Dr Yung is great. my cat, Katamari, had a rough youth and as a result he likes very few people who aren’t me and in the beginning he wasn’t very fond of me either. on my first visit I sat with claw marks all over both my hands from vicious retaliation for petting him too long and watched in awe as she picked him up by the scruff and totally cowed him into submission. her love of animals is obvious, her control over them is almost witchcraft. I highly recommend her. the rest of the staff are super nice as well.”

“It’s so scary when an emergency comes up especially at the end of the day when most clinics are closing. I was beyond impressed by how knowledgeable Dr. Hunt is and detailed. Thank you for everything.”

“Our dogs have been patients of Frontier Veterinary Clinic sequentially for approximately 20 years (1 Gordon Setter and 2 Irish Setters). FVH gives excellent care for their clients and I’ve never found reason to look elsewhere. I know some people are uncomfortable with the cost of their services, but one needs to take into account the high level of veterinary education, the many years of experience, the most modern medications and equipment, and the like, absolute state-of-the-art surgery, high quality food when it is needed…all of which contribute to high ratings as a Veterinary Hospital and specialized cat care. And I like their vets, especially Dr. Jill Palmer. We are thinking about getting another dog because we are lonely without one, and hope she, too, can be a patient at FVH. because there simply isn’t any other place to go and we love her (once she’s here!).”

Frontier Veterinary Hospital,
Myself and Debby want to convey our heartfelt thanks to the staff at Frontier Veterinary Hospital for the wonderful card you sent to us regarding the passing of our cat, Maddie.

Maddie was a big part of our lives and there is an emptiness in our home and hearts now that she is gone. But we will remember her forever.

Thank you again for your kindness, professionalism, and understanding in our time of grief, it is much appreciated.

David and Debby

I’ve been coming to FVH for about 15 years. I randomly picked a clinic from the phone book (yes, an actual phone book with yellow pages and all!) when my senior boy at the time hurt his back. From day one I was so glad I picked them out of the numerous clinics that were listed. All the doctors have been extremely knowledgeable, caring, and informative. From end of life care for my first baby to now another senior and new puppy I couldn’t ask for better care. The front of house staff is always welcoming and helpful. They have done an amazing job during the pandemic given the stress and high demand for pet care. I could rave about FVH all day. But I’ll wrap it up by saying the newest doctor, Dr. Budden, will definitely be my first choice for my pets when he’s available. Dealing with unknown allergies and skin infections in my Henry, he has remained dedicated to helping and really trying to find a solution. Thank you Frontier!

The entire staff at Frontier were super friendly and professional and would definitely recommend

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