Did You Know?

Our doctors brainstormed some fun facts about pets (some that even our staff didn’t know!) for a new series we’re calling “Did you know?” Some are pet health and some are just plain fun! Extra special thanks to Dr. Yung for putting it all together for us.

We’ll add a new fact each week, so check back here often or follow us on social media!

Did you know?  A single dose of aspirin will give a dog an ulcer 100% of the time.  That’s right: 1 dose = ulcer, every time.  There are much safer pain relievers out there, so call your veterinarian if you think your pet is in pain.

Did you know?  Coughing is not normal in cats, and cats don’t pant.  Any sign of respiratory distress – coughing, panting, open-mouth breathing – should be treated as urgent or an emergency if the cat is clearly suffering.

Did you know?  Frito feet is a phenomenon in which bacteria on a dog’s paws causes them to smell like corn chips. Microorganisms picked up by bare paws on the ground, combined with sweat from the paw pads, release a nutty, popcorn-like aroma. Basically it’s dog B.O.

Did you know?  Hair ties are a favorite dietary indiscretion of cats. They’ll chew on one, two, three, and so on until it’s a nice tangled bundle in their stomach or intestines, requiring surgery to remove. So keep rubber bands, hair ties, and anything similar away from kitty.

Did you know?  Just because it’s sold at the pet store, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Nylabones, sterilized bones, and antlers will break a dog’s teeth, we’ve seen it hundreds of times. In the words of a wise veterinary dentist, “If you wouldn’t want me to hit you in the kneecap with it, then don’t let your dog chew on it.”

Did you know?  The amount of plaque that builds up on your pet’s teeth after 3 days cannot be brushed off, so you have to brush daily or a minimum of every other day for brushing to work. So having a groomer brush your pet’s teeth every 8, 10, or 12 weeks? It does absolutely nothing.

Did you know? A litter of kittens can have multiple fathers. Yep, really. So have your cat spayed or neutered (unless you’d like your cat to be on the next episode of Maury).

Did you know?  Dogs have a bone in their penis called the “os penis”. Just an interesting fact to point out when we show you x-rays of Buddy and you ask “What is THAT?!?”

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