Do cats need parasite prevention?

Yes, they do!  Both outdoor and indoor cats are at risk for harmful parasites, some of which can infect both cats and humans.

Why is year-round parasite prevention for cats important?

  • Outdoor cats are at high risk for fleas and intestinal parasites due to their activity.  All outdoor cats are hunters until proven otherwise (i.e. via continuous webcam on their head!) and the ingestion of rodents and birds is what infects the cat with intestinal parasite eggs (roundworms and hookworms).  Obviously, for these guys hunting is not a seasonal sport – it’s a year-round activity.

What about indoor cats?

  • Even indoor cats have some risk to parasitism, albeit less.  Many people believe their cats are indoors-only when actually they spend time outside in the yard or on a deck.  These kitties may not be roaming, but they are outdoors!
  • People bring in mud and dirt on our shoes, and this is yet another potential source of infection.
  • Cats that dig in potted plants?  A potential source of infection as well.
  • Dogs can bring in fleas and even if the pooch is being regularly treated, the cat can be the feeder for the fleas and perpetuate the cycle, which can lead to an infestation in your home.
  • Thankfully, we don’t see much heartworm disease up here but do realize that there is no treatment for cats that become infected with heartworm disease.   And don’t forget that heartworms are carried by mosquitoes, so being indoors only isn’t 100% protective.

What medicine does Frontier recommend?

We recommend Revolution for Cats. It’s a safe, monthly, topical product that’s easy to apply and kills fleas, heartworm, ear mites, and roundworm.

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