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    The PSR Team at Frontier- What’s a PSR and what do they do?

    Sep 27 2012

    What is a PSR? I’ve never heard of that before… A PSR is a Patient Services Representative, and here at Frontier we have three different types of PSRs.  Regardless of…

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    Holistic Medicine? Yup, we’ve got that!

    Aug 30 2012

    by Dr. Lisa Yung In response to our 2012 survey (thanks to everyone who responded!) – we received quite a few questions about Holistic Medicine . Well, what is “Holistic…

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    The CSR Team at Frontier – What do they do?

    Aug 30 2012

    by Jessie It would be easier to list what we don’t do!  We don’t give vaccines, we don’t express anal glands, we don’t diagnose pets and we don’t do surgery. …

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    Coccidia and Giardia – The “Non-Worm” Parasites

    Jul 30 2012

    by Dr. Yung If they aren’t worms, what are Coccidia and Giardia? Giardia and Coccidia are intestinal parasites.  However, unlike what we commonly consider a “worm” – like roundworms, hookworms,…

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    My Pet Has TAPEWORMS?!?

    Jun 20 2012

    by Dr. Lisa Yung What are tapeworms? The adult Dipylidium caninum lives in the small intestine of dogs or cats. It is hooked onto the intestinal wall, and once docked…

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    What is hyperthyroid & how did my cat get it?

    May 31 2012

    by Dr. Lisa Yung WHAT The thyroid gland is a bi-lobed gland located in the neck of cats below the throat.  It is an endocrine gland that controls a multitude…

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    Why do puppies and kittens need vaccines?

    Mar 30 2012

    by Dr. Lisa Yung Why do puppies and kittens need vaccines? Neonates (newborn puppies and kittens) are born with an immature immune system.  They receive their initial antibodies via the…

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    Why did my pet have a seizure?

    Dec 15 2011

    by Dr. Lisa Yung A seizuring pet can be a very scary experience for both the pet and the pet owner. So we asked Dr. Yung to explain more about…

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    How did my pet get diabetes?

    Nov 11 2011

    by Dr. Jill Palmer The most common form of Diabetes is called Diabetes Milletus. DEFINITION: Cells of the body require sugar. Diabetes Mellitus is a disease where the pancreas has…

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    How did my cat get urinary tract disease?

    Oct 01 2011

    by Dr. Lisa Yung We will explore what feline lower urinary tract disease is, the symptoms, how and who gets these infections, the diagnosis and treatment, as well as prognosis…