Frontier’s COVID Service FAQs

Thank you for your patience as we adapt to the evolving challenges of providing essential veterinary care while preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We know that this “new normal” can be frustrating compared to the service you are used to receiving at Frontier. We ask for your understanding that these new procedures are in place to keep our staff safe and healthy, which will allow us to stay open and able to provide vital veterinary care to your pets. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and ways you can set yourself and your pet up for the smoothest and best experience at Frontier during this time.

The most impactful change we have made is mandating curbside service to minimize our staff’s exposure. As a medical facility, Frontier has always maintained a high standard of cleanliness and sanitization using medical-grade disinfectants. In response to COVID-19 we have increased the frequency of this cleaning, with particular attention to high-touch areas. All staff members take their temperature before each shift to ensure it is normal and any staff member experiencing symptoms or who have had contact with a symptomatic person are staying home and following their doctor’s and CDC guidelines. Every staff member is following social distancing standards and wearing a cloth mask at all times while at Frontier. We’re following CDC guidelines for workplace risk reduction and constantly adapting our protocols as new information is released. In short, we’re doing all we can to keep our staff and you safe!

Check your email! Upon booking an appointment, we send you an email with information about the curbside process and a questionnaire crafted by your veterinarian to help optimize your experience.
Upon arrival, text us to check-in at 503-680-3520. Once we’re ready for your pet, we’ll text you again with instructions to approach the Entrance, where we’ll have designated red circles for you to wait on the patio. A staff member will meet you there, open the door and direct you to either the carrier drop-off table or the dog leash hook just inside the first corral. Once you exit and the Entrance door is safely closed, the staff member will take your pet to their appointment.
The next thing to keep in mind is that curbside appointments are not drop-offs. You must stay in the parking lot during your pet’s exam unless previously approved by a doctor. There will be an additional fee if your pet is dropped off without express approval from a doctor.
· Masks are required for all people during pet drop-off and pick-up. We have some disposable masks available but ask that you wear your own if possible.
· Only 1 person will be allowed into the entrance/exit area.
· Dogs must be leashed or in an enclosed carrier, cats must be in a carrier.
· Please remain in your vehicle until instructed to approach the Entrance
Once your pet is in the hospital, your veterinarian will do an exam (just like when you’re in the room with us) and the doctor will give you a call – please be ready to answer your phone! We’ll talk about your concerns, discuss a treatment plan and go over the estimated costs.
After completing any agreed-upon treatments, we’ll call you again to discuss any at home care instructions and complete payment via phone. Then we’ll bring your pet and any medications, food, etc outside to your car.

The drop-off process is the same as with a regular appointment, with the only difference being that we will come to your car and have you sign the treatment release form and estimate when we collect your pet. When you come to pick up your pet after the procedure, a technician will go over the home care instructions on the phone with you instead of having an in-person discharge appointment.

Absolutely! For medication refills, make sure you have called ahead a minimum of 48 hours prior so we have your prescription ready to pick up. For food purchases, it’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure we have the food you’re looking for in stock. When you arrive, follow the check in instructions on the parking spot and a CSR will call you to take payment by phone, and we will bring your food or medications to your car. If you prefer to have your prescriptions shipped to you, we can either mail them from Frontier (shipping is the cost of a USPS small flat rate box) or you can order from our online pharmacy.

Yes! We absolutely can board your pet, there are just a few safety restrictions on what belongings you can bring. We ask that you bring only your pet, their food, any medications, and toys must be of a rigid washable variety (think something that can go through the dishwasher, like a Kong). No soft toys, blankets or bedding from home. The good news is that we have lots of comfy beds and blankets so if you would like us to provide these to your pet, just indicate it on your boarding paperwork!

Care Credit is a medical-only (both for humans and pets!) credit card that offers a variety of low-interest and extended payment plans. They have an excellent acceptance rate, so even if your credit isn’t perfect you may be approved. Many of our staff have Care Credit, even if they haven’t used it yet, because it provides peace of mind that they will be prepared in case of an emergency. For this reason we strongly recommend you apply for Care Credit proactively online here BEFORE you need it.

We are now offering telehealth consultations for certain health concerns. “Virtual Visits” can be a great option for some non-urgent health concerns and rechecks. If you have a health concern for your pet but would prefer not to come in for a curbside appointment, give us a call and we’ll check with your veterinarian to see if a telehealth consultation would be a good option for your pet’s situation.

What's Next

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    Call us or schedule an appointment online.

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    Meet with a doctor for an initial exam.

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    Put a plan together for your pet.