My pet is having an emergency and Frontier is closed! What do I do?

As available as your Frontier Family is, we are not a 24-hour hospital.  So what should you do if your pet is having an emergency and Frontier is closed? If your pet is having a critical emergency, go to the facility that is closest to your geographical location for stabilization. Examples of a critical emergency are: Massive hemorrhage – bleeding Anaphylaxis/Shock…

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8th Annual Pet Pictures with Santa!

Join us on Saturday, December 9th for our 8th Annual Pet Pictures with Santa. As always, 100% of the proceeds benefit Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter right here in Hillsboro! Where: Frontier, of course! Click here for directions. When: Saturday, December 9 Time: Call to make a reservation now and skip the line! If you don’t…

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6th Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive

Donate now to our 6th Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive for Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter! What does the shelter need most?  High-quality food is strongly requested – many pets who arrive at the shelter are not in their best health.  Feeding high-quality food helps these pets get healthy and ready for adoption more quickly! Once again, Hill’s Science…

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Should You Be Worried About Canine Influenza?

What is Canine Influenza? Canine Influenza (CIV) is a viral respiratory infection found primarily in dogs. There have been two identified strains of the virus in the US: H3N8 and H3N2. These viruses are considered to be endemic in the United States. H3N8 According to the Centers for Disease Control, the first evidence of H3N8…

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Med Ed: What To Do If You Lose Your Cat

Warm weather brings the season for losing pets, especially cats. They’re looking for ways to get outside because of the weather and variety of scents, and even the most conscientious pet owner can still have their cat slip out of the house. One of the scariest things that you can go through as a pet…

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Puppy and Kitten Vaccines! (and just a tiny bit of immunology because we’re medical nerds)

Why do puppies and kittens need vaccines? The immune system is a complex and wonderful way to fight off invading viruses and bacteria. Antibodies are a part of the immune system that changes, adapts, and essentially learns. So when a puppy or kitten is born their immune system hasn’t LEARNED anything yet, and the vaccines…

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Why does my pet need sedation?

Our patients in veterinary medicine are often less than 100% cooperative for treatments that are necessary for us to keep them healthy. Using gentle handling techniques we can perform most treatments, however, even in the nicest pets, there are just some procedures and treatments that are not appropriate to do without some degree of chemical…

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My pet has a cut but it’s not bleeding. Do I need to bring him in?

Sometimes our pets get into trouble and end up with a cut or scratch – but dogs and cats don’t bleed the same way people do, so it can be hard to tell how serious the wound is. We asked Dr. Yung to explain what to do if your dog or cat gets int a…

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Your dental questions answered by Dr. Yung!

We know dental health in pets can be hard to understand… your breeder says one thing, the internet says another, and your friend who rescues dogs says something completely different!  We asked Dr. Yung to demystify dental health and cleanings… here are your most frequently asked questions about your pet’s teeth: Why does my pet need…

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Weather & Arthritis in Senior Pets

As the weather turns cold again, you may notice your cat or dog’s arthritis causing them more discomfort than normal. Although scientific research is limited on the effects of weather on arthritis, many pet owners (and sufferers) dealing with arthritis would agree that the change of season can cause additional stiffness or pain. There are…

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