Dentistry Standard of Care

What is a Standard of Care?

A standard of care is the level of quality established for performing a medical procedure. At Frontier, we believe our patients are part of our family. In keeping with this belief, we choose to provide health care that is consistent with the highest standards available. If you also see your pet as part of the family, here are the standards of care to consider when researching dental procedures for your pet

Before the Dental Cleaning

  • Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing – The blood test assesses if your pet’s internal organs are able to process and metabolize the anesthetic agents.
  • Pre-Operative Pain Medication – We administer pre-emptive pain medication, which allows your pet to remain comfortable during and after recovery.

During the Dental Cleaning

  • IV Catheter and Fluids – An IV fluid line maintains hydration during the procedure, supports kidney function, and stabilizes your pet’s blood pressure. Additionally, it provides rapid access to give medications during or after the procedure should it become necessary.
  • Anesthetic Safety – Each and every patient has an ECG (electrocardiograph) to monitor heart rhythm, a pulse monitor, an oxygen monitor for oxygenation levels, a capnograph for carbon dioxide levels, a blood pressure monitor, as well as temperature monitoring and support.
  • Complete Oral Assessment and Dental Charting – Your veterinarian will evaluate each tooth, as well as the entire oral cavity. All findings and treatment are recorded in a dental chart, allowing your veterinarian to follow your pet’s progress throughout his or her lifetime.

After the Dental Cleaning

  • Post Surgical Care – Just as important as care during your pet’s procedure, we closely monitor your pet during the post-anesthetic recovery period. Temperature and respiration are checked regularly, and your pet is housed in our species-specific ICU kennels, which are in clear view of our veterinary technicians.
  • Detailed Written Aftercare Instructions – We provide you a printed and emailed copy of detailed aftercare instructions personally created by your veterinarian for your pet. We want you to feel completely comfortable caring for your pet at home after his or her dental procedure.
  • Discharge Appointment – When picking up your pet, a member of our Patient Care Team with meet with you to go over your pet’s aftercare instructions and answer any questions you may have.

What's Next

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    Call us or schedule an appointment online.

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    Meet with a doctor for an initial exam.

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    Put a plan together for your pet.