The Oregon International Air show is next weekend!

by Jorden Bartelds, Client Service Representative

Every year this fun event is held at the Hillsboro Airport just minutes away from Frontier Veterinary Hospital. Although it is very fun to watch, some of our furry friends don’t do well with the increased loud noises from the airplanes. If you live close to the airport and think your pet will be affected by the noise, please reach out to us as soon as possible for some sedative medication that can help keep them calm during the show. The process to get prescription medication filled with us takes about 3-4 days, so please keep that in mind when ordering. 

Per Oregon law, we do require that your pet be seen within the last year to prescribe any prescription medication. If your pet has not been seen within the last year, and you are still worried that they will be stressed during the show, we carry non-prescription CBD calming chews for dogs, calming pheromone collars for cats, and calming pheromone sprays and wall plugs ins for both cats and dogs.  

Even if your pet is on a calming medication, this event can still be stressful for them. You can set up a safe area that your pets can go to that has their favorite blankets, beds and toys as well as food and water. You can also make lick mats, stuffed kongs, or puzzle feeders that will help keep them distracted, play music or leave the TV on to mask the outside noise.

The air show also shuts down some of the roads around the hospital. If you have an appointment the weekend of the show (May 17th-19th), please add a few minutes to allot for the road closures and increased traffic. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment, we will have to reschedule to make sure that you and your pet get as much time with the doctor as possible. 

We hope that everyone has a fun and safe airshow! Please remember that you can always call or text us at 503-648-1643 if you have any questions or would like to fill any medication.

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