Nicky’s Story

Himalayan cats and other short-nosed breeds of cats & dogs can have dental problems at a young age.

Sweet Nicky is only 2 but had some serious dental issues due to his breed- short-nosed dog & cat breeds (think Himalayans, Persians, Pugs, and Boston Terriers, among others) have a smaller space for the same number of teeth as long-nosed breeds. Fortunately, his dad takes great care of him and had Dr. Marcus & our dental crew take care of his teeth… and he’s feeling much better now! We’re so happy to help our furry friends live healthy, happy, long lives!

“Please tell Dr. Marcus and the team that I am grateful for my treatment and Nicky’s. Because of the way we were both treated by all of you. You have a new client for as long as I’m in this area. On my very first meeting with Dr. Marcus, she took a genuine interest in both Nicky’s well being and my situation. And Dr. Marcus took the time to ensure I was fully informed and comfortable. That is rare these days. Nicky is doing great. Attached is a pick that may have led to Nicky’s dental issues. Just kidding.” Todd S.

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