Flea FAQs

The Flea Troubleshooting Guide:

“I treated Fluffy 2 months ago with the stuff you sell, but I am still seeing fleas.  It didn’t work!”

Likely there were immature fleas (pupae) in the environment that have hatched from their cocoon and jumped back on Fluffy. Vacuuming frequently is important, and continued use of the flea medication monthly until all the pupae and immature fleas have either been removed or killed.  Since they can be dormant for 6 months, if the pupae have not been removed from the environment they can hatch at any time and jump on your pet.

“Why am I seeing fleas in winter? I thought I only had to use flea medication during the summer months.”

Fleas can survive indoors when the heat is on and pupae in the environment can hatch at any time.  Stopping flea treatment on your pets in winter may allow the flea infestation to take hold again.

“Fluffy cannot have fleas since I am not getting bit and I do not see any fleas!”

Fleas much prefer Fluffy over you.  Also, fleas are fast and difficult to spot on a furry pet, and pets can be very effective at eating fleas off of themselves!

“Is garlic effective? How about other natural flea products?”

Garlic is toxic! DO NOT USE it in any form or dose.  Natural products are still medications, just not regulated or approved by the FDA so the claims of safety or effectiveness do not have to be proven the way prescriptions products do.

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