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    Halloween Pet Photo Contest!

    Sep 20 2015

    Send us a photo (or photos!) of your pet in a costume or Halloween-themed setting- the contest is open to all your pets… cats, dogs, fish, birds, etc!  And don’t…

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    Can my dog tear his ACL?

    Sep 18 2015

    Your dog’s Cranial Cruciate Ligament is akin to the ACL in humans, and tearing this ligament is one of the most common knee injuries in dogs by Dr. Yung Cranial…

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    Why does my dog’s ear look like a wonton?

    Aug 29 2015

    We asked Dr. Yung about this type of ear infection, also called “pillow ear” or “hematomato”.   What is an Aural Hematoma? A hematoma is swelling created by a broken…

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    Dental Month Discount in September, too!

    Aug 14 2015

    Every year February’s National Pet Dental Health Month is our most popular event, so we’ve doubled the fun – September is Dental Month, too!  All month long, you’ll get $35…

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    Marijuana & Pets

    Jul 31 2015

    Marijuana Poisoning in Cats and Dogs As of July 1, 2015, recreational marijuana has been made legal in Oregon.  If Washington and Colorado (where marijuana is also legal) are to be…

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    July is Cat Month – Extra Discount on Cat Whole Health Plans!

    Jun 26 2015

    Did you know that  Americans own 10 million more cats than dogs?  The problem is, cats see the veterinarian far less frequently than dogs. But just like their canine counterparts,…

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    Introducing a New Cat to Your Household

    May 27 2015

    by Dr. Palmer What are the best ways to successfully introduce a new cat into my household of pets? If you have a pet that is known to be aggressive…

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    May is Parasite Prevention Month!

    Apr 28 2015

    It’s that time of year again – Parasite Prevention Month is here!  Did you know that internal and external parasites are a year-round concern here in Oregon?  That’s right, we’ve…

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    Just Say No… to “Anesthesia-Free Dentistry”

    Mar 03 2015

    What is “Anesthesia-Free Dentistry”? Commonly known as “anesthesia-free dental cleanings”, the practice involves scaling (scraping with a sharp instrument) of a dog or cat’s teeth without putting the pet under…

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    Did You Know?

    Jan 29 2015

    Our doctors brainstormed some fun facts about pets (some that even our staff didn’t know!) for a new series we’re calling “Did you know?” Some are pet health and some…