Each of our Whole Health Plans includes labwork – but why?

Puppy & Kitten Whole Health Plans:  Chem/CBC/PT/PTT (plus twice a year fecal for puppies and FeLV/FIV testing in kittens). Helps screen for congenital or acquired diseases that may be a health concern for the pet’s overall health, a problem with anesthesia/spay/neuter, or infectious/contagious diseases.

Level 1 Whole Health Plans: Chem/CBC (plus HWT and twice a year fecal for dogs).  Affordable and appropriate for most young dogs and cats. Sometimes we use this option for clients with middle-age or older pets when they have budget restrictions because it’s an affordable option. This labwork is adequate for pre-anesthesia purposes for most pets.

Level 2 Whole Health Plans:  Superchem/CBC/Urinalysis (plus HWT and twice a year fecal for dogs). Adds more blood values and a urinalysis – better for breeds prone to bladder stones and for pets that have had urinary disease/infection. Also better for animals in middle age, which are more prone to kidney disease and diabetes, which both require a UA with bloodwork for diagnosis.

Level 3 Whole Health Plans: Superchem/CBC/Urinalysis/T4 (plus HWT, fecal for dogs) at AN, Chem/CBC/Urinalysis/T4 (fecal for dogs) at SEAN. Screens middle-aged and older pets for many common problems twice a year. This plan is also discounted the most and is the best value for clients who want their pet to be monitored for existing or potential geriatric or breed-associated problems. Pets with known kidney or thyroid disease benefit from being on this plan and owners will save money over paying separately for recommended lab work.

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