As of May 5th, 2021, Oregon OSHA has indefinitely extended the mandatory curbside veterinary service requirement as part of their Temporary COVID-19 Workplace Rules. These rules will be reviewed every 2 months with the next review set for July.

Our treatment area remodel is in full swing! We’re all very excited for the new, larger treatment space, dedicated cat treatment room, expanded ICU, and an office that can accommodate our entire doctor team. However, as you can imagine, having demolished areas of our treatment room has presented significant challenges. Our commitment to serving you and providing all our regular services without interruption has necessitated creative use of other spaces in the hospital. For example, Exam Room 5 is now ultrasound, laundry, and storage, while Exam Room 6 is Feline ICU – which is purrfect, since that is our dedicated cat exam room! We’ve also made the decision to phase portions of the construction in order to prevent the need to restrict services, which unfortunately means the completion date will be pushed back to the end of June.

What does this mean for you and your pet? The good news is that this means we will continue to provide all of our preventive, illness, diagnostic, surgery and dentistry services and avoid restricting hours or appointment availability. We will do this via the same curbside service process you’ve experienced for the last 13+ months.

But I thought curbside service might end soon? We are still mandated by Oregon OSHA’s Temporary Workplace Rules to remain curbside until these rules are lifted or amended. The next review of the rules is set to take place no later than July. For more information click here.

We thank you for your patience during this process and we know you’ll love our new enhanced ability to care for you and your family!

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