Meet Jackie, one of our Client Service Representatives. Jackie has worked at Frontier since November 2019.

Do you have any nicknames?
Well my name is Jaqueline and everyone calls me Jackie, but my initials spell out JIM so now that’s my nickname at work.

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?
I am a CSR, Client Service Representative. I essentially greet, check in, and help with any needs and requests regarding your kiddo. I’m usually at the front desk so stop by and say HI!

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?
I am a California girl born and raised. I moved to Oregon after I got married. I was looking for something completely different from anything I had done before and I found it. I get to see animals all day and I love it!

Do you have any pets?
I have two cats. Charlie is my awkward don’t touch me unless I want you to guy. Love him! Coco is my sassy pants. That girl is social and loves to play, but don’t bring her to the vet because she sounds like a demon in a crate.

Tell us a little known fact about you!
I never had pets growing up, even though I loved animals. My mom is a clean freak, so we were never allowed to have any. My first pet is Charlie and I got him at 25 years old. I was stung by a jelly fish when I was 12 in Hawaii. That was fun, not! Golden Retrievers are my dream dog since I was a kid because of Comet from Full House!

What's Next

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    Call us or schedule an appointment online.

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    Meet with a doctor for an initial exam.

  • 3

    Put a plan together for your pet.