It’s that time of year Frontier Friends… vacation season is almost upon us! I myself am planning another vacation, so I recently revisited a blog I had done a couple of years ago regarding vacation preparation and thought a refresher course for myself was needed- one can never plan too much, right?  It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to share my reminders and a few updates with you as well!

We are so lucky to have an amazing kennel staff and technicians at Frontier that take care of our furry family members while we are away.  Everyone on our team wants to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients while boarding. However, there are a few key things you as a pet owner can do ahead of time to make sure your pets boarding stay goes smoothly.

  • Flea Control I always make sure my pets are protected with their monthly flea and intestinal parasite preventative. It’s especially important to make sure your pets get a dose before coming in if you do not use one of these products monthly. As a team, we work extremely hard at keeping our hospital as clean and pest free as possible, and as a pet owner, I want to make sure that I am doing my part to not spread those pesky fleas!

At drop off your pet gets a quick check in & snuggle with a member of our technician team. If the technical team does notice any fleas or flea dirt at drop off we administer a single dose of Capstar to eliminate any adult fleas for the protection of our other boarding patients.

  • Vaccines Current vaccines status greatly decreases the spread of communicable diseases! For the safety of all of our boarding patients we require that all patients be up to date on core vaccinations- for dogs the DHP, Rabies and Bordetella vaccines, and for cats the FVRCP and Rabies vaccines. I like to make sure that my own dog’s vaccines are done at least two weeks prior to their boarding stay. The good thing about boarding at a veterinary hospital is that you can always have an exam and vaccines done while your pet is boarding with us if that works better with your schedule!

What if my pet can’t have vaccines, you ask? Occasionally we do run into this situation where our doctor has directed that a patient no longer receive vaccinations.  While there is always a risk of the spread of communicable diseases during any boarding stay, we do our best to move these patients to a quieter, less trafficked area to minimize the risk. Please talk to your pet’s doctor should you have any questions about vaccines and vaccine exemption.

  • Care Instructions Our CSR team has detailed forms for pet owners to fill out for our fluffy friends during their stay with us. I know it often seems tedious to fill it out EVERY time, but it’s worth it!  We know, we know – Shelby knows all the pets and all of their special needs.  But we have to give her days off every once in a while!

Often people just consider just the basic feeding and watering instructions sufficient, but we want to know the details! Bring in all medications clearly labeled in their containers- our technicians have an amazing system for making sure your pet’s doses are given correctly and on time. The same goes for special diets, if your pet is on a special diet, please bring that food  as well. We cannot always guarantee that a certain diet will be available in our inventory at drop off.  We are able to feed your pet’s current diet should you bring that in, or we provide a sensitive stomach prescription diet at no additional charge.

No one can take better care of your pet than you, but if there are small little things that we can do to make your pet more comfortable, we would love to know! Does your dog get covered with a blanket at bedtime? Is there a treat after potty time? We can accommodate most requests, but while some of us would love to… we can’t spend the night and snuggle in the kennels!

  • Plan for the unexpected  While we strive to provide the best care for your pets, sometimes the unexpected can happen. No one likes to think of it, but Just like your child can get sick while away at camp, the same can happen to your pet while boarding. There are a few key things that you can do to assure that we can contact you right away.
      1. Provide Frontier with your vacation contact info, phone number, email, alternate phone number. If you are going on a cruise or overseas, ideally we would want to have a number of someone authorized to make decisions on you and your pet’s behalf.
      2. If you are having a pet sitter watch your pets, complete Frontier’s Authorization to Treat Form
      3. Have a plan – pet emergencies and illness can happen just as easily to our pets when we are with them as when we are not.  I know that as a pet owner I never want to think of the day when I will be faced with an urgent situation or the thought of having to say goodbye to my pets. It would be so much harder if I didn’t already have a plan in place as to what I would want. It is also easier to think about this in a non-stressful situation, instead of being put on the spot in the event of a true medical emergency, especially while on vacation.

While this all may seem like a lot of information and things to think about, it will be greatly benefit your pet’s boarding stay with us and hopefully give you some peace of mind knowing that we as a hospital are doing the best that we can to take care of your loved furry family member while you are away.

Have questions?

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