Operations Manager

Meet Missie, our Operations Manager. Missie has worked at Frontier since June 2009.

So, do you go by Missie or do you have any nicknames?

Missie is actually a nickname short for Melissa. When I first interviewed I remember them telling me, “We really like you, but we have to do something about your name!” At the time I think I was Melissa number 5! It is kind of funny though when a pet comes in named Missy… clients do tend to get a chuckle from that! Other than that, I have quite a few nicknames all of which have some version of my name in it “Missie B” “Missle” or “Misslini” are just a few.

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?

I am the Operations Manager here at Frontier Veterinary Hospital. As leader of the CSR team, I work very hard to make sure that we have the best customer service team that we can have! Our CSR team is the first point of communication for current and new clients alike, so it is very important to always do our best to live up to the high expectations set by our clients. On a daily basis, I work hard to make sure that everything is running as efficiently as possible “behind the scenes.” I am always looking for newer and better ways for our team to assist clients, or for our hospital to improve.

The best part of my job, however, is interacting with our awesome clients and seeing all the pets that come in during the day. I am never too busy for a snuggle!

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

I originally came to Frontier as a client. Like many of our new clients, I was new to the area and needed to find last minute boarding.

With previous Veterinary experience behind me, I was really picky and specific about the needs that I had for the care of my own pets. The care my dog received and the understanding of all of my crazy questions definitely cemented in my mind what a great establishment Frontier is.

It is really hard to find people that genuinely care so much about their jobs. I knew it was the place for me! As soon as I spotted an opening, I sent in my resume… and the rest is history!

Do you have any pets?

While there are some people can be considered crazy cat ladies… I can definitely fall under the category of “crazy rat dog lady!” I love terrier mixes and Chihuahua mixes, I love their cute and spicy personalities. My dogs definitely fit into that category- Torin is my oldest dog who is an 8-year-old Manchester Terrier Mix. I got him from a previous job where he was surrendered as a puppy. He was the very first small dog that I have ever had, and we sort of grew up together. He is quite a handsome rat dog, which is completely devoted to his family but a little neurotic around strangers. He normally goes by Bean instead of Torin. My second rat dog is named Luca. He is a 7-year-old Chihuahua mix that my husband and I rescued. He goes by the nickname Chewy, and he is just the cutest little thing- we had to nurse him back to health since we adopted him and he was heartworm positive! Very scary for both of us, but so glad he is doing much better. We have two cat additions that were surrendered to us. A 12-year-old tabby cat named Hunter. He takes himself very seriously, and we like to tease him and call him handsome pants since he always appears so dignified! Talia was his housemate that came with him; she is the sweetest eight-year-old black cat! She is a feisty girl who loves attention and snuggles.

Tell us a little-known fact about you!

In both my work life and in my home life as a mom, I need to be super on top of things and organized to be able to fit so many things into my day! There are a couple of exceptions though- I may be calm and collected most of the time, but I lose my mind over two things… Football and Rat dogs!! I grew up in a small town in Colorado, so I am a huge Broncos fan!! Since living in the Pacific NW, I have also started also liking the Seahawks… it was a quite an adventure at my house during the Super Bowl this year! And rat dogs… need I say more? They are just so cute! I probably would have a whole rat dog farm if my husband would let me!