Certified Veterinary Technician

Do you have any nicknames?
No! Though Sara might tell you otherwise…

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?
As a certified veterinary technician I am responsible for the medical treatments for our wonderful patients. I utilize the skills I have learned becoming an animal nurse to perform everything from vaccine administration to cleaning your pets teeth. I have a particular passion for surgery, dentistry, bandaging and wound care. Aside from the medical procedures portion of my job, I love spending time getting to know patients and enjoying their different personalities. Also I create laughter and awkward situations.

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?
I love the staff here, the excellent medical care and the work flow. I like the flow of this hospital because it allows staff, clients and pets to have the best possible and most efficient experience. The mission and goals of the clinic allow for new ideas, better medicine and a quality of life for staff that is hard to find in this field. It is like a big family here and we care not only about the patients and clients, but about each other.

Do you have any pets?
Nala: 6yo pitbull/mastiff mix.
Skills: eating, playing, recycling, destruction, lap sits and genuine joy spreading.

Captain of Cats, aka “Captain”: 12yo tuxedo domestic shorthair.
Skills: keeping the others in line, he is the alpha of the Porter household.

Handsome Henry, aka “Henry”: 12yo tuxedo domestic mediumhair.
Skills: none, a total disaster in every way.

Rye Whiskey, aka “Rye-man”: 5yo orange tabby domestic shorthair.
Skills: terror! terror! terrible reality please stop talking to me I’m running away!

Tell us a little known fact about you!
I love animals, music, art, backpacking and the outdoors in general. If it were practical you might find me living under the shade of a giant tree.