Client Service Representative & Cat Advocate

Meet Jessie, one of our Client Service Representatives (CSR). Jessie has worked at Frontier since April 2006.

So, do you go by Jessie or do you have any nicknames?

Jessie is a nickname to begin with, when I started at FVH, there were 2 other Jessica’s here!  Of course, I also go by my initials, JD, an FVH tradition!

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?

Being a Client Service Representative at Frontier is a jack-of-all-trades job.  It’s like being a Pet Health Concierge with crisis management skills!  Everyone is our client, the customer, the Dr.s,  the techs and the rest of the staff.  We work hard to keep everyone happy and well taken care of!  There’s a considerable amount of coffee involved.

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

When I came here in 2006, my main goal was to just find a vet hospital who had an updated website!  Since then, Frontier has become my second home.  We have a talented team of people that make coming to work an adventure. Even after 11 years, I learn something new here every day!

Do you have any pets?

Of course!  My husband Dan and I currently have 2 cats, Iris and Theo, who are 15-year-old littermates.   Even though they’re seniors, they’re very active, especially at 5 am!   We also have a 3-year-old Wheaten Terrier Mix from the shelter named Wallie, who you may have seen on our Facebook page.  He’s a RIOT!  He’s happy ALL of the time, very scruffy, goofy and sweet.  He’s even gotten cranky old man Theo to snuggle a few times.   Our pets make our lives whole.  Even memories of pets that have passed bring joy along with the grief. We’ve lost two pets in the past few years to cancer, Floofy (our appropriately named grey long-haired cat) and Hennessy (our German Shepherd mix).   While it was very difficult to lose them, having a team of people who supported us made all the difference.

Tell us a little-known fact about you!

Plant Lady is the new Cat Lady!  I love plants, though many have died by my hand.  Right now I’m super into carnivorous plants that eat insects.  It’s great knowing that something is killing bugs while I’m not home. Birds also fascinate me, so it’s a major thrill when Dr. Peterson brings in raptors, owls, etc for treatment!  I never thought I’d get to pet an owl – cross that off the Bucket List!