Dr. Jenny Beedle

Dr. Jenny Beedle

Dr. Jenny Beedle


Education: Oregon State University

Dr. Jenny Beedle received her DVM degree from Oregon State University, after receiving her undergraduate degree in Biology from Whittier College in Whittier, California. An Oregon native, Dr. Beedle grew up right here in Hillsboro and is excited to be back in the area. Click here to watch her video and learn more.

Her interests include dentistry, dermatology, helping pets with chronic allergies, and internal medicine. Her goals are to provide quality preventive care to give pets a long and healthy life and strengthen the human-animal bond.

Dr. Beedle shares her home with three crazy cats; Oscar, Coconut, and Ziggy. She enjoys the outdoors and hiking with her husband. When the weather isn’t cooperating, you can find her indoors catching up on movies.

 Hi Jenny!  So, do you go by Jenny or Dr. Beedle, or do you have any nicknames?

I can go by Dr. Jenny Beedle. Usually, I introduce myself as Dr. Beedle in the rooms. My latest nickname is J. Lo, as my husband’s last name is Lopez. It’s fun introducing myself as Jennifer Lopez, and watching people’s reactions.

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?  Any special projects or responsibilities?

As a veterinarian, my job at Frontier is to provide medical care to our patients and educate owners on preventive care. The goal is to strengthen the human-animal bond between our patients and their families while giving patients the best care possible to live a long and healthy life.

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

I grew up in Hillsboro and moved back to the area to be closer to my family. As luck would have it, a position was available at Frontier at the same time as my decision to move back. It has been a great opportunity and I’m very happy to be here!

Do you have any pets?

I currently have three cats. Oscar is my older “big kitty.” He’s a grump when he comes to the veterinary hospital, but at home, he is my sweetest cat. Though we’re both out of practice now, I once trained Oscar to play dead. It was comical!

Coconut is the middle fur-baby. He has 3 legs and is extremely agile. He is always busy, and the only time he stops doing something is when he’s sleeping! Coconut was at the Oregon Humane Society and was a patient of mine while on rotation there. He had a nerve injury to his front leg that wasn’t healing, so we needed to amputate his front limb. No one knew how he ended up with the nerve injury.  But seeing how he gets into EVERYTHING, I have a feeling his curiosity may have led to the injury.

The latest addition to the Beedle-Lopez house is Ziggy. I found him as a kitten by the dumpster here at Frontier Veterinary Hospital when I was leaving work one night.  He is like a miniature version of my older cat Oscar, both are gray and fluffy! I’ve been trying to socialize him to work, and take him in with me often… which is often photographed for our Facebook Page. Frontier really is his second home.

Tell us a little-known fact about you!

I have a (not-so-secret) love of cheesy dance movies! I can’t help it. Even though I know how the story will end, I am completely entertained by the music and the dancing.




“Jen Beedle is amazing!!!”

Jake M.


“Dr. Beedle and staff contacted me to let me know how she was doing throughout the day. And gave me very clear discharge instructions. I also appreciated that I received a follow-up call over the weekend.”

Joan K.