Cat Boarding Form

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Alternate Contact Name

MM slash DD slash YYYY

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Accommodations: I hereby entrust Frontier Veterinary Hospital (FVH) to care for my pet(s) during his/her boarding stay. FVH will use all reasonable precautions against illness, injury, or escape of my pet, but will not be held liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever. FVH will provide accommodations deemed appropriate for the safety, health, and comfort of my pet(s). If my pet is immunocompromised or vaccineexempted, Frontier will make an effort to accommodate my pet in a low-traffic area of the hospital, however this cannot be guaranteed.(Required)
Emergency or Illness: I have provided the above phone number(s) to reach me in case of emergency, or the name and phone number(s) of an alternate contact person who is able to authorize services if I cannot be reached. In the event of an illness or emergency, FVH will attempt to contact me or my alternate contact at the phone number(s) provided; however, I understand that if I cannot be reached within a reasonable length of time, I authorize FVH to treat my pet however is deemed necessary for his/her health and well-being, and I agree to pay for any and all expenses that may be incurred.(Required)
Boarding Requirements: I understand that vaccines are required for boarding; cats must be current on FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations. If the required vaccines are NOT current, they will be given during my pet(s) stay, and I understand that a physical examination may be required prior to vaccinating my pet. Additionally, if my pet is found to have fleas, a flea treatment will be applied. I agree to pay all charges associated with these services. I understand that boarding my pet bears an inherent risk of communicable disease transmission, regardless of vaccine or parasite preventative administration, and I accept this risk and the cost associated with medical treatment, if necessary.(Required)
Pick-up: I will plan to drop off and pick up my pet 30 minutes before the office closes. If I arrive after the office has closed, I understand that there is a LATE DROP OFF/PICK UP FEE of $50.00. Should my pet remain unclaimed after the date that I have stated as the pick-up date, written notice will be mailed to my address. Seven days after such written notice, I understand that the pet will be considered abandoned. It is further understood that such action will not relieve me from paying all accumulated charges, including boarding.(Required)
Personal Belongings: I understand that pets may tear, chew and/or swallow items left in the kennel during boarding, including their own collar or the collar of a kennel mate. I accept all financial responsibility for any medical or surgical intervention that may be required should my pet(s) be harmed as a result of any items I have requested be left in the kennel. I have listed the items I want kept in my pet’s kennel on the Boarding Instruction page(s) and authorize them to be in the kennel with my pet(s) during their boarding stay. I am aware that my pet(s) are not supervised at all times, and understand that any item not included on the list will not be provided to my pet(s).(Required)
Playtime: Cats who adapt well to boarding receive at least 30 minutes of free time in our cat playroom daily, with access to toys, a variety of scratching surfaces, and a window facing greenspace. Offering this is at our technician staff's discretion based on each individual cat's comfort/stress level during boarding. If you prefer we NOT offer your cat this playtime, or if you are boarding multiple cats and would like their playtime offered jointly, please indicate below:

If you are boarding multiple cats, would you like joint playtime

Photos: We sometimes photograph pets that are boarding with us and share these photos on our website and social media. For your privacy, we only share your pet’s first name.(Required)

I have read the foregoing and agree. I will complete a Boarding Instructions page for each pet. I am the legal owner and financially responsible party.(Required)


We will feed your provided food at no charge or Frontier’s food at a cost of $3/day

Frequency (check all that apply)

If your pet runs out of the food you provided while boarding: If it is a food FVH stocks, we will open a new bag/can(s) and invoice accordingly. If it is not a food FVH stocks, we will feed your pet our standard boarding food at no additional cost.

We strongly recommend labeling your pet’s belongings- your or your pet’s name written in permanent marker on the tag or somewhere on the item. If you need a marker, please ask a receptionist; we are happy to help.

Would you like us to use our bedding in your pet's kennel?(Required)

Are there medications we must administer?(Required)

Medication administration fees: Once daily $6/day; Twice daily $9/day; Thrice daily $12/day.

Medications must be clearly labeled; medications that are not labeled will not be administered.

Ex 1: When my cat is stressed he doesn’t eat well so I have provided extra treats to add to his food in case he’s nervous while boarding. If that still doesn’t work there are gravy packets to put over his dry food.

Ex 2: My cat has a history of urinary infections so please monitor water intake and watch to make sure he’s urinating and not having blood in his urine.

Ex 3: My cat is very shy and prefers to hide at home so it’s ok if she’s quiet/hiding while boarding as long as she’s eating. If she can’t hide she’ll sometimes overgroom and develop a bald spot on her belly.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

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    Put a plan together for your pet.