Technician Assistant

Meet Cassie, one of our Technician Assistants. Cassie has worked at Frontier since August 2018.

Do you have any nicknames?

Cassie technically is my nickname! Cassandra is my full name! But I also go by Cass and Cashew by those who know me well!

In your words, what is your job at Frontier? 

I am the night time Hospital Attendant! I’d say the most important aspect of my job is also my favorite one; taking care of the boarding animals who are staying with us! I try my very best to make sure that each animal who stays with us feels as comfortable as possible while they are away from home! I strive to make the hospital feel as close to home as I can (because I know how scary it can seem!), with lots of snuggles, sweet talk, and special attention to each and every animal in my care.

I also make sure that the hospital is clean and ready to go for the next day ahead, and try to be of use wherever I can throughout the hospital!

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

I decided to apply at Frontier because I was tired of working jobs that did not bring me joy. I had worked with animals in the past, and had absolutely loved having my days filled with four legs and fur, so I wanted to take my shot at being an HA! I am happy to say, I feel like it has been a positive move forward for me, and I am so thankful I applied at Frontier!

Do you have any pets?  

I have three pets! Susie, Lily, and Kaiah. Susie is my eldest child, my 14 year old sassy tabby lady, Lily, my 7 year old tuxedo kitty queen, and Kaiah, my 6 and 1/2 year old Siberian husky and Pit bull mix! Ladies definitely run the show in my house, and the make me smile every day with their quirky personalities.

Tell us a little known fact about you!

I love to bake, but mostly for special occasions, or to share with friends! I have had my own animal since I was about 10, and feel extremely connected to my furry friends. I feel most at peace in the woods, or near water; it’s how I recharge my battery and fill my cup.

Why did you want to become a Fear Free Certified Professional?

I chose to become Fear Free Certified because I understand how scary the Vets office can seem, even for a patient who has been to the hospital numerous times! I wanted to learn as much as possible about how  to reduce the fear and anxiety felt during office visits for our patients and clients! It’s hard to communicate with our pets and let them know that a visit to the vet isn’t always a bad time, but through practice of the Fear Free protocols, I feel that we can majorly reduce the fear and anxiety experienced during / traveling to and from the visit as well as create new, more positive experiences and associations going forward!

What was your favorite/most valuable thing you learned going through the certification process?

My favorite / most personally informative module was that was on how to effectively transport pets to and from the vets office in such a way that they are able to keep their fear and anxiety at the lowest level possible. I loved that it mentioned kenneling ALL animals if possible, and to play comforting, familiar music at a low level. I know for myself, I had never thought about the type of music I played in the car evoking an emotional response in my pets, but certainly have since completing the Fear Free Certification!