Client Service Representative

Meet Brittany, one of our Client Service Representatives. Brittany has worked at Frontier since November 2015.

Hi Brittany! Do you have any nicknames?

With age, I don’t really have many nicknames. My parents will call me Britter- Critter at times. Sometimes I will get Britt or B, but normally just my full name.

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?

The world of client services is a bit of everything all in one it can go from invoicing or scheduling to snuggling all the cuteness that walks through the doors. The projects I help on is anything with social media and glitter. If there is glitter involved I had a hand in it!

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

The kindness I received as a client. Everyone I had encountered was wonderful, helpful, and totally caring for me and my dog.

Do you have any pets? If so, name/age/description. Any special skills or fun features?

I have many! The oldest is Romie the Ferret she is now a 7 year old lady, she is a pro at stealing dog food. Persephone the cat whom is now 6 years old and the queen of her castle. Next is Sullivan the blue heeler who is almost 3. He is a crazy cattle dog that will play ball until he falls. Lastly is Hades the cat whom is 2 years old. He specializes in sleeping in the sun and cuddling.

Tell us a (or several!) little-known fact(s) about you!

I am a crazy dog mom! Pretty much if you see me anywhere (outside of work) Sullivan is most likely right by my side. He is my little furry child, he has changed my life and pointed me in the direction of a career.