Cat Boarding Form

Client Authorization


We will feed your provided food at no charge or Frontier's food at a cost of $3/day

If your pet runs out of the food you provided while boarding: If it is a food FVH stocks, we will open a new bag/can(s) and invoice accordingly. If it is not a food FVH stocks, we will feed your pet our standard boarding food at no additional cost.

We strongly recommend labeling your pet’s belongings- your or your pet’s name written in permanent marker on the tag or somewhere on the item. If you need a marker, please ask a receptionist; we are happy to help.

Medication administration fees: Once daily $6/day; Twice daily $9/day; Thrice daily $12/day.

Medications must be clearly labeled; medications that are not labeled will not be administered.

Ex 1: When my cat is stressed he doesn't eat well so I have provided extra treats to add to his food in case he's nervous while boarding. If that still doesn't work there are gravy packets to put over his dry food.

Ex 2: My cat has a history of urinary infections so please monitor water intake and watch to make sure he's urinating and not having blood in his urine.

Ex 3: My cat is very shy and prefers to hide at home so it's ok if she's quiet/hiding while boarding as long as she's eating. If she can't hide she'll sometimes overgroom and develop a bald spot on her belly.