Team Leader & Client Services Representative

Meet Amira, our Client Care Team Leader and one of our Client Service Representatives. Amira has worked at Frontier since July 2015.

Hi Amira! Do you have any nicknames?

I usually just go by Amira. Except to my mother and some of my aunts who are sometimes allowed to call me Mirry.

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?

My job at Frontier is making our clients feel welcome and home in our hospital for as long as they are here. I also answer phone calls and show patients and clients into rooms for their appointments with their doctor. I also help work on paperwork and making sure our clients have everything they need before leaving our hospital.

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

Mostly to hang out with puppies. And also because my co- workers and clients are super amazing.

Do you have any pets?

Unfortunately, I am currently coping with a case of petlessness.

Tell us a (or several!) little-known fact(s) about you!

I’m a pretty serious reader. I will literally read almost any type of book as long as it’s not completely terrible. As a Portland native, I basically live at Powell’s bookstore. I’m also a big fan of coffee and puzzles:)