Technician Assistant

Meet Amanda, one of our Technician Assistants. Amanda has worked at Frontier since August 2020.

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?
I am currently a Veterinary Technician Assistant. I help follow through with the plan the doctor creates to fit the needs of the patient, whether that be bloodwork or vaccines, ear cleanings or nail trims, or whatever the pet may need at that time. I also work as an assistant to prep patients for surgery and get them taken care of while they are undergoing a procedure with us. If it is a pet’s first visit, especially a puppy or kitten, I try to make it a nice experience, so they leave with a fond memory.

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?
I wanted to continue to work with animals in some compacity, and vet med fit that mark. I have had many different animals throughout my life, so I have always found all species fascinating. Being able to facilitate a healthy and hopefully long relationship for someone else and their animal is the life of this industry. Being a part of that connection is an amazing experience. (Plus, who couldn’t love being able to meet cute puppies and kittens and watch them grow).

Do you have any pets?
Corvo, a six-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Full of energy and so much fun. He loves to accompany me on hikes. Cuddle bug and very much a mama’s boy. He absolutely loves meeting new people and, in true Corgi, fashion is very vocal about anything he thinks you should know about.

Junpei, a 3-year-old tabby. Cuddly when he wants to be and very opinionated at dinner time. He has now learned the sit and comes when we are trying to train Corvo. He can be a little shy when guests first come over and then immediately body slams into their lap for attention.

Tully, a smaller 9-year-old tabby. The newest edition of the crew, but it fits in just fine. Very sweet, and chin scratches are his favorite—a big fan of naping in many locations throughout the apartment. June recently helped him find his voice, and now he also voices his opinion if he thinks food is late.

Solaire, a 9-year-old yellow-bellied slider. I got her when she was the size of a half-dollar and oh so cute. She begs for food like a dog if you walk by her tank.

Lemm and Zote, two-year-old rats. They were a bonded pair that I rescued. They love all the different beds that I get them and have no fear at all and of the other animals. They scare Corvo when they get the chance.

Tell us a little-known fact about you!
I am from Louisiana. I lived there my whole life until moving to Oregon at the beginning of 2020. I worked with monkeys for three years and have quite a few stories. Cooking and baking are my main hobbies, as well as hiking, camping, and video games. Halloween is my favorite holiday/season, and my house stays spooky year-round.