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Looking for a veterinarian for your furry or feathered family members? We know it’s important to find the right fit for you and your pet. Read what other pet owners here in Hillsboro have to say about us!

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“Your staff is so friendly. We have a large rottweiler and it takes a special type to appreciate this breed. It takes more patience and everyone was super patient and friendly. I feel like they took time to get to know my dog. The Doctor that actually treated him was AMAZING! She sat at his level and took time to make my puppy feel comfortable.”

Julie L. 10/9/16

“Yes, Dr. Peterson was amazing! She knew exactly what was wrong with my African Grey Parrot and acted quickly and professionally to take care of her. She even got the staff to make accommodations for her because I could not give her the medications needed. It turned out great and she is fine thanks to Dr. Peterson! I am so grateful there is finally a place I can trust with my parrot!”


“The staff couldn’t have been nicer and made me feel like they really cared about my dog – that it wasn’t just a job.”

Suzan K. 9/6/16

“Dr. Beedle and the techs were warm, friendly and caring. My cat was not thrilled with having things done to her, but I appreciated their time and skills.”


“Dr. Jill (Palmer) was fantastic. How she took such a personal interest in my cat Luna and her situation. She was very empathetic and caring. We were treated like family instead of a customer. Also the many others (Brittany, CSR) such as the techs. Everyone I deal with was awesome!  The extreme level of great customer service and how professional and well run the clinic is. I like the use of technology from the website to view the records to the vet using email to keep in contact with me. Fantastic experience all the way around! Dr. Loepp has chosen the right people to trust his clients with!”

Todd S. 8/18/16

“Please tell Dr. Marcus and the team that I am grateful for my treatment and Nicky’s. Because of the way we were both treated by all of you. You have a new client for as long as I’m in this area. On my very first meeting with Dr. Marcus, she took a genuine interest in both Nicky’s well being and my situation. And Dr. Marcus took the time to ensure I was fully informed and comfortable. That is rare these days. Nicky is doing great.”

Laura B.  8/21/16

“Everyone was worried about my injured parakeet named sparkles, they made us feeling that we took the right decision of choosing Frontier Vet.  The best thing for me was that they said my bird’s problem was new for them but they treated and they did a great job. We are so glad now sparkles is getting better”


“The provider was very thorough and took more than enough time to answer my questions. Thank you.”

Marcy G. 8/9/16

“Dr. Marcus is great. She is informative, compassionate, and so thorough. Our cat, Toby, liked her too!”

Anonymous 8/1/16

“We have had Dr. Palmer care for our two Irish Setters: Clover, now deceased :( and Katie, our current Irish. Dr. Palmer is just wonderful with Katie!!! She is very knowledgeable and I know her recommendations are just what Katie needs! I wouldn’t trust Katie with anyone else outside of Frontier! Frontier is also excellent for boarding! :)

Steve K. 7/27/16

Dr Yung was very thorough in her evaluation. She clearly explained and documented in writing her thinking, and appropriately called for in-house bloodwork. She gave clear directions for followup and next steps, leading all the way to the eventual and apparently uncommon diagnosis of addison’s. She asked me to update the next day by email.  Frontier recognized that urgent care was required from my email update, and after a second exam, directed us to Dove-Lewis appropriately. Buddy has recovered.”

Richard & Donna S. 7/24/16

“Dr Jill and the ladies at the front desk. They were welcoming and very friendly. You could see that they really cared about our dog and us.”

Ellen A. 5/1/16

“The reception area staff and Dr Peterson were both friendly and so kind to my dog!  We will definitely return to Frontier. I was very impressed with the kindness, caring and excellent service. Your facility is clean and welcoming. Thank you for taking care of Ruby on a Saturday!”

John S. 4/24/16

“Great work treating my chicken.”

Anna R. 4/10/16

“Dr Peterson is great! We love the care she provides to our cat.”

Jake M. 2/25/16

“Jen Beedle is amazing!!!”

Kim O. 2/12/16

“The entire staff throughout our visit was extremely courteous and caring.”

Megan P. 2/11/16

“I’m not sure of her name, but the Vet Tech who helped me with my pup, Penny, was SO helpful and fun! I appreciated her taking time to relate to me that she knew where my previous out-of-state vet was (Ridgetop in Silverdale, WA). She took the time to chat with me and make me and my pup feel welcome!  I LOVE the animal waiting areas… It made my dog more relaxed and comfortable being in the contained area, and it was nice to know I could take her off her leash and not worry about other animals. Thank you for putting the animals first!”

Maggie W. 1/31/16

“I took the time last week to call and give my thanks for the care you gave my two cats, Curley Joe and Little Bit, while they were there. Don’t know what happened, maybe a combination of boarding in a strange environment and getting forced attention due to the small quarters and inability to hide, but Little Bit is a changed cat. She’s not hiding under the bed and is constantly out and asking for love. It is a marvelous turnaround for a former “scardey cat.”  I appreciate the care both cats were given. Thank you.”

Kim S. 1/21/16

“We really feel like everyone is listening to what we say and really taking time to go over our pets’ records and get to know us. It’s wonderful.”

Diane P. 10/9/15

“Very friendly staff and we could tell they all love animals :) We were very happy with Dr. Marcus. She explained everything very well. We were shocked at the cost but Murphy is worth it. Thanks for all your special care and the calls after to check on him. We will be bringing both our dogs to you when they are due for next shots or checkups.”

Jamie M. 10/9/15

“Dr. Peterson was wonderful with my boy Kenai.  He was so nervous.  You guys are amazing.”

Catherine L. 9/9/15

“Wish I had come to you first when we moved to Hillsboro. Thanks for the great service!”

Candice C. 8/28/15

“I would like to thank Dr Palmer and her staff for their excellent service and expertise during Sabers hospitalization and treatment. They were very caring and understanding through his treatment when stress was high for everyone. Their professionalism and compassion are second to none. Thank you!”

Rhonda P. 8/15/15

“I liked the way your reception area is designed. Nervous pets have a more secure area to wait in!”

Coleen D. 8/12/15

“The doctor’s I had were super with me being I was so scared and not knowing if I could afford to continue to treat my dog. My heart was breaking with fear and they calming helped me understand what we needed to do.  It is a fine balance when love and money is involved. I liked the quiet atmoshere both in the treatment rooms and lobby, being on edge it was very calming for me. Having the supplies I needed (medicines, food, and instructions) set me up for a successful night caring for my dog. You have a very wonderful and caring staff. Thank you!”

Anonymous 8/12/15

“The staff was incredible and so wonderfully helpful. They all stayed an extra 20 minutes to care for my pet and myself.”

Nicole K. 7/8/15

“Everything was so clean and nice. Drinks??? Thank you! It was so hot they day. Wonderful staff. They made us feel like our puppy was one of a kind.”

Dorinda B. 7/8/15

“Dr. Palmer was excellent! Very patient and spent quite a bit of time with us and our two dogs.”

Diane B. 6/9/15

“Everyone was very friendly and so obviously loved the animals. I felt my kitty was in good hands.  The follow up was wonderful and the care and concern of the staff was evident.  NO Complaints here!!”

Kay W. 5/5/15

“The doctor and tech were both really great with Kari’s and that’s what’s really important to me. Doctor actually got down on the floor with him. Doctor is very knowledgeable, gentle and caring.”

L.H. 5/5/15

“Appreciated the level of interest and engagement with my new pet by all staff! Environment is so clean and well done-staff seems confident and experienced-reassuring that he will receive excellent care. Thanks!”

Nicole L. 4/23/15

“I visited Frontier on 4/16 at 5:45pm and as soon as I walked in, the receptionist said “is this Maxi?”. i hadnt even said anything and she knew who i was, was very organized and it was just so nice to have everything in its place and feel taken care of. GREAT first impression!! Frontier Clinic is so nice, organized and the staff is wonderful. I love being able to have the invoices emailed to me, the follow up phone calls from both Dr. Loepp and the receptionist (Jessie) when i have had questions. Knowing that the staff and clinic is so organized puts me at ease when coming in for my appointments. great job!!”

Joan K. 3/23/15

“Everyone was so patient. I’ve just moved here & my sister insisted you were the only vet to take care of my 3 cats. Your office took care of her dog 10 years ago & the sensitivity you showed them has remained in their hearts ever since. I appreciate the courtesy extended to allow me to pay with a check for Chessie’s 1st visit. Chessie had to have a couple of teeth extractions. I felt like a nervous mother. Dr Beedle and staff contacted me to let me know how she was doing throughout the day. And gave me very clear discharge instructions. I also appreciated that I received a follow-up call over the weekend. I definitely have no concerns about bringing my other cats to your clinic!”

Tina W. 3/17/15

“Phone staff were great, check in staff great and when I picked up my kitty Miyako several staff came out to say how much they enjoyed having her stay with them.  It was the first time I have EVER boarded a pet of mine and I was VERY happy with everything. I knew I had a really good kitty and it was rewarding to hear that others thought she was easy to be around. Miyako had never been boarded or away from our house other than off to see the vet. It was sweet to hear the staff say they were sad to see her have to go home when I came to pick her up. I received the text picture while on the cruise ship and it really was comforting. I really missed her a lot. It would have been cool to see the staff in the picture with her but it did the trick and helped my separation anxiety.”

Kacy K. 3/14/15

“The one thing I was worried about was being pressured to purchase additional care/products/etc, especially those that really weren’t necessary. There was none of that, only friendly suggestions on what the doctor thought I should think about in the future, without being pushy at all. Thank you for that!”

Kitty L. 1/12/15

“Everyone was great!!! I love the email follow and information. That way I’m not writing or having to try to remember it all.”

Junia W. 12/9/14

“I really appreciated the person who meet me at the car and helped me carry my critters in. I also appreciate being able to go one [place] and stay there for the entire process including payment.”

Aubrey M. 12/9/14

“Everybody was extremely helpful and friendly. Our cat was comfortable and calm the whole time.”

Marie G. 12/9/14

“It was such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I think even my dog was a little more at ease. The staff was super friendly and the doc we met with was great! It was a comfortable and positive experience. We left feeling very hopeful and educated about the outcome.”

Megan D. 12/2/14

“Everyone was so friendly! The space was clean, I felt welcome, and my pet was well taken care of!!”

Denise B. 11/19/14

“I brought Bruzer,a burmese mt dog, to check you out. He has had bad vet experiences and his other”mommy” wanted me to help her find a new one. Bruzer loved it! He was hesitant to walk in, but once in his tail was wagging, he snooped around, with the help of your staff, He even got weighed and got cookies! I got the necessary forms and info, so that Bruzer can now come to a vet he loves!”

Patrick M. 11/1/14

“Lisa Yung was very happy to see Atlas and was very helpful during my first visit.”

Sonya H. 10/30/14

“The staff were great. All of them. They treated my cat as if he were theirs and entertained all of my cat talk as if they’ve never heard stuff like that a million times before. This was easily the best experience I’ve had at a vet office.”

Carol G. 10/14/14

“Dr. Palmer was very caring and thorough, quite knowledgeable and professional.”

Andrea W. 10/14/14

“I just want to say Dr. Yung has been fantastic. We took our dog Buddy in to Frontier for a second opinion as [other veterinarian] seemed to be shrugging off some of his ailments. He was having trouble keeping food down and they recommended trying a bland diet. We did that for a couple days and ended up bringing Buddy into Frontier Urgent Care for evaluation when he stopped keeping water down.

Dr. Yung was truly compassionate and recommended hospitalizing Buddy for the day while she ran various tests. Within hours we had our answer – megaesophagus and aspiration pneumonia. Bud spent that night at Dove Lewis and we brought him home for the weekend to resume treatment and see if we could get him to eat. Ultimately, we had to make the difficult decision to put him down. Our appointment is today at 7pm.

Regardless of the outcome for our beloved Buddy, I’m truly thankful for everything Dr. Yung did and the concern she showed throughout the process. She is outstanding!”

Anonymous 8/6/14

“The front desk staff were very kind and welcoming! I also appreciated Dr.Young taking time to explain things to me both during the appt and on the phone. I never felt rushed.  And everyone seemed to like Mylo, which is super important to me:) It was a great experience!”

Patricia H. 6/18/14

“They said we could call at any time to see how Patches was doing. Everyone we meet were kind and considerate to our needs.”

Beverly N. 5/13/14

“I appreciated the warm welcome by each member of your staff who assisted me and my pet.  The entire experience was positive and unhurried.”

Marna F. 5/13/14

“Dr. Katie Marcus was exceptional, even Toby liked her, and he was not feeling well and gets quite anxious being at the vets.  She explained everything with clarity.”

Linda C. 5/4/14

“Everyone was very friendly.  Dr. Loepp took his time with my kitty & explained things very well.  My kitty did not get nervous at all. Dr. Loepp gave a very thorough exam. A very pleasant experience for both of us.”

K.S. 5/3/14

“Everyone was very friendly.  Dr. Loepp took his time with my kitty & explained things very well.  My kitty did not get nervous at all. Dr. Loepp gave a very thorough exam. A very pleasant experience for both of us.”

Janet P. 4/24/14

“I could not have asked for a better experience for myself and my cat.  The Dr. thoroughly explained procedures and possible diagnosis very clearly and precise.”

Judi C. 3/18/2014

“Katie Marcus was just wonderful with our “Doggie”.  Our girl is very, very nervous whenever she’s away from home and Dr. Marcus was so patient, kind and gentle.”

Teresa S. 2/5/14

“The doctor and technicians were very nice to both me and Bugsy.  What a great idea to have individual stalls for anxious animals in the waiting area!”

Danielle G. 2/4/14

“You were able to fit my dog in for an emergency visit.  Thanks so much. I had such a good experience – I am seriously considering switching my dog’s primary vet to you.”

Jason F. 1/29/14

“Dr Marcus, Emily and Missie were all very thorough and helpful.”

Leah E. 1/2/14

“It was all great! Modern facility, rapid service even though it was a work-in, lots of updates during the visit, paying for the visit in the exam room to expedite the process… It was wonderful!”

Kevin C. 1/2/14

“Annie has been a great representative of your clinic. When we first entered, we were very concerned about our dog Biscuit especially while on vacation but her warm welcome truly eased our stress. Dr. Leopp explained everything in a very detail and simple way that we can understand. Thanks again to everyone at Frontier! We are happy to report that Biscuit has completely recovered from her gastritis.”

Don G. 12/18/13

“Front office reception area was most helpful in taking care of Kelley and I. Dr and Tech staff was open and made Kelley feel at ease at all times, a joyful visit.”