Certified Veterinary Technician

Meet Lindy, one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVT). Lindy has worked at Frontier since 2005.

Hi Lindy! So, do you go by Lindy or do you have any nicknames?

Lindy is actually my full name, which surprises many people, so I don’t really have a nickname. Though at Frontier we are all about efficiency, so we almost always call each other by our initials- which makes me LT. Dr. Loepp is especially fond of this nickname, being a football fan!

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?

As a technician I provide the hands-on treatments for our patients, which includes everything from trimming toenails to assisting our veterinarians during surgery. As a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT), I am also able to provide more advanced treatments including inducing anesthesia, placing pet ID microchips, and administering rabies vaccinations. My special responsibility is being the “Dentistry Queen”- chances are that if your pet has had a dental cleaning at Frontier, I am the one who performed the cleaning! I am with your pet from start to finish- setting the IV catheter, inducing and monitoring anesthesia, cleaning the teeth, providing a detailed assessment of every tooth and gum surface in the mouth, taking dental x-rays and assisting your veterinarian with treatments if needed, and making your pet comfortable during his or her recovery from anesthesia. I constantly keep up-to-date on the latest techniques for anesthesia, dentistry procedures and postoperative pain management, and attend advanced training in these areas.

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

I was looking for a position at a veterinary hospital where I would want to stay for a long time. I was so impressed by both the facility and the staff at Frontier, I knew I would want to work here long term.

Do you have any pets?

I have one dog, an 8 year old pug named Nero, aka Ro or Ro-boat.  He is a very manly, fit guy who is a master of the signature pug move – the head-tilt!  I also have a big kitty named Alderaan who has basically grown up at Frontier – I got him as a kitting from Oregon Humane Society and brought him to work all the time as a kitten, so now he loves getting in his carrier and spending time here at the hospital.

Tell us a little known fact about you!

I love music! You can always hear music playing in our Dentistry Suite while I’m working, helping me and your pet stay relaxed and focused. When I was young, I have to admit I was a bit rebellious- I had fun dying my hair every color of the rainbow, literally. One month it was pink and the next it was blue! Fortunately for my parents, my rebellious streak only extended as far as my choice in haircolor!

Thanks Lindy! Make sure you say hi to Lindy the next time you’re in for a visit with your pets. Even though she’s not usually working in the lobby, you can always ask for a tour of our Dental Procedures Suite and see her in action.


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