Hospital Attendant

Meet Arianna, one of our Hospital Attendants.  Arianna has worked at Frontier since June 2012.

Hi Arianna!  So do you go by Arianna, or do you have any nicknames?

Growing up I was called Anna and my family still calls me by that nickname, but at work and school I’ve always been Arianna. I always kind of wished I had a cool moniker to go by but it just never happened!

In your words, what is your job at Frontier?

When I was 16 I started working at Frontier doing TLC for boarding pets and than about nine months ago I became a Hospital Assistant, which requires me to always be on top of things around the hospital and keep everything in order.  I also take care of all the boarders and help out whenever or wherever need be. I just recently started my training as a Technician Assistant as well, and will be officially taking on that position towards the end of April! I’m pretty excited!

Why did you decide to work at Frontier?

My main reason for working at Frontier has been my life long love for animals! I’ve been around a large variety of animals my entire life, starting with horses and barn cats! I was always fascinated by the equine vets that would come out and I’d watch everything they did with our horses! I have a huge love for animals, big and small, so it just seemed natural to take the oppurtunity to work at Frontier when it presented itself. The fact that everyone I work is so awesome is just a bonus!

Do you have any pets?  

There is quite the variety of animals in my house, from a hamster to lizards and anything else you could think of! On my own, I have a black and white Bull Terrier named Fiona who’s a year and I half.  I just got her in February of this year and she is my pride and joy! I do have to say that owning a dog is very different than taking care of them at work, though- she is definitely a full time job but I love every minute of it! I also have a 25 pound tuxedo cat named Dave. I got him from Bonnie Hays in December 2012 and I absolutely love him to death! He is quite the demanding guy and, being a cat, sees himself as superior to Fiona… but is he wrong? (;

Tell us a little known fact about you!

I guess a little known fact about me, to some of the clients at least, would be that I am Shelby‘s granddaughter! Anyone who boards their pets at Frontier is familiar with who she is! I used to hang around the old Frontier location from time to time when I was very little, I’m talking four years old, and observe anything and everything possible! I guess you could say working here has been a long time coming!