Online Pharmacy Policy

Frontier Veterinary Hospital’s Online Pharmacy Policy

Here at Frontier, our first concern is always providing our patients with the highest quality medical services and pharmaceuticals. We strive to provide your pets the best possible care by constantly reviewing new medical practices, veterinary pharmaceutical products, and state-of-the-art equipment. Recently, our efforts have included a focus on online pharmacies, due to information that has been provided to us by the FDA and some of the manufacturers of the pharmaceuticals that can be found on internet-based pharmacies.

The main concerns regarding some of these pharmacies are simple. If our doctors are directly authorizing a prescription for someone’s beloved pet, they want to make sure that the medication that is being given is safe, effective, and well-regulated by the manufacturers and distributors of those products. The manufacturers of the prescription products found on many of the websites have expressed their concern to us, as they are not selling their products to these pharmacies. The manufacturers we spoke to included companies such as Pfizer (Rimadyl), Merial (Heartgard and Metacam), Novaritis (Sentinel), and Elanco (Comfortis). We have also been informed that many of these companies have actually implemented tracking systems to prevent their products from being sold to anyone other than licensed veterinarians. In fact, these companies will not guarantee their products when sold by online pharmacies that are not connected directly to a veterinarian. These guarantees are important because if the medications are ineffective or cause adverse reactions, the pharmaceutical manufacturers will take responsibility for the associated veterinary care. If the medications are being sold secondhand through an online pharmacy, the manufacturer cannot be sure of how the product was stored, processed, and/or dispensed. All of these differentials can alter the efficacy and stability of the medication.

Out of concern for your pet, our doctors have decided only to endorse the online pharmacy VetSource, which is powered by the pharmaceutical distributor from which we purchase our in-house medications. Our online pharmacy is priced to match the consumer cost of the most popular online pharmacies, and the shipping is free on orders over $39. We encourage you to visit our online pharmacy. Our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with any of our prescription refill options. If you have any questions regarding renewing your pets’ prescription, please call us at 503-648-1643.

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The FDA has made a concerted effort to educate consumers of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals on what to be aware of when purchasing these drugs online. The FDA has dedicated part of their website to the subject and has several resources to enable pet owners to do their own research. This information includes red flags that could tip you off to which sites may not be reputable or even legitimate. If you would like to review this information yourself, please follow these links:

From the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

From the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA):