Sep 06 2013

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Client Satisfaction Survey this year.  It seems like each year your feedback becomes more insightful, the compliments more gracious, and the critiques more constructive.  You prove time and again how fortunate we are to have such dedicated pet parents to call clients.

Dr. Loepp Veterinarian & Practice Owner

Many of you asked for a report on the results, so here are some highlights from the 300+ respondents:

  • 93% of you would recommend our hospital to your friends and family
  • 97% of you trust our techicians to treat your pet competently and compassionately
  • 95% of you believe our staff have a great understanding of your pet’s medical needs

Where’s the coffee?  It never left, it just moved – it’s located on the retail display area in the lobby.  But we do agree that it’s time for an upgrade! Watch for enhancements coming to our refreshment offerings this fall.

We want housecalls (as long as they aren’t too expensive)!  You are in luck!  Dr. Palmer is now offering houscalls, and the only additional charge is a $75 housecall fee per appointment no matter how many pets we examine.  So the more pets you have, the better for you!

The front door is too heavy to manage with a cat carrier!  Feel free to use the “Exit” door on the west side of the building as an entrance.  We are in the process of removing the sign and re-routing it into a cat-specific entrance.  And remember, if you have difficulty getting your pet, cat or dog, into the hospital, please let us know.  We are happy to help – you can even call from the parking lot when you arrive and a staff member will come out to assist you!

Once again, thank you for your feedback and for trusting us to care for your furry family members!

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