Jul 10 2014

July is Cat Month – Discount on Cat Whole Health Plans!

Did you know that  Americans own 10 million more cats than dogs?  The problem is, cats see the veterinarian far less frequently than dogs. But just like their canine counterparts, cats benefit greatly from preventive care.  So how can Frontier help you bring your cat in for a checkup?Cat month logo 2014

To help our feline friends get the attention they deserve, we are offering an extra discount off of our already discounted Whole Health Plans – an additional $20 – $40 off!

Why don’t people bring their cats to the veterinarian more frequently?  There are a couple of reasons we often hear from cat owners:

Cats hide signs of sickness.  The main reason we are so passionate about cats getting healthcare is that kitties are masters at hiding signs of sickness.  Common, and treatable, feline diseases like kidney disease and hyperthyroidism have subtle symptoms that are very difficult for you to observe at home.  Often cats are so good at hiding symptoms of injury or illness that their owners don’t notice there is something wrong until it’s too late…read on

Getting cats to the vet can be a challenge.   We know that bringing your cat to the veterinarian can sometimes be tricky.  Fortunately there are ways to make visiting the veterinarian more pleasant for both of you.  Click here for tips on making your cat’s visit easier.

So give your cat some love this month and come in for a checkup.  As always, if you have any questions or just need to borrow a carrier, give us a call- we’re here to help!

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