Dec 15 2014

December is Senior Pet Month – 1/2 off Senior Bloodwork!

Senior Pet Month Logo 2013Did you know that most pets reach their senior years around age 7?  Why not give your senior pet the gift of health this holiday season!

With a full-price exam of your cat or dog aged 7 years or older, receive a senior blood test at 1/2 price* 

Why is blood testing important?   Because our pets cannot tell us when they aren’t feeling well, blood testing is especially important.  And because they age several years to each human year, routine blood testing – at least once or twice per year- of older pets is one of the best tools for early diagnosis.  And early diagnosis of underlying health conditions, or age-related issues, is important to helping your pet live a long, healthy life!

Click here to find out how old your pet is in “human years”!

* A full-price exam costs $57.  Pet must be a cat or dog aged 7 years or older.  Discount applies to SA120 bloodwork only.  Valid only on scheduled appointments; emergency, urgent care, work-in appointments are not included.  Cannot be combined with any other discounts, including Whole Health and Core Care Plans.


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