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    My cat hates the vet – and I WORK here!

    Jul 01 2014

    by Sara Believe me, I understand how hard it can be to bring your cat to the vet.  My cat Lula is no joke.  I’m not just talking about having…

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    Scratches, Cuts & Lacerations – What should you do?

    Jun 26 2014

    Summertime means summer fun, but it can also mean added risk of outdoorsy injuries – tussling with other pets or wildlife, taking a tumble while hiking, slipping on a rock…

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    Do cats need parasite prevention?

    May 30 2014

    Yes, they do!  Both outdoor and indoor cats are at risk for harmful parasites, some of which can infect both cats and humans. Why is year-round parasite prevention for cats…

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    May is Parasite Prevention Month!

    May 01 2014

    It’s that time of year again – Parasite Prevention Month is here!  Did you know that internal and external parasites are a year-round concern here in Oregon?  That’s right, we’ve…

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    Pet Boarding Tips

    Apr 01 2014

    by Missie It’s that time of year Frontier Friends… vacation season is almost upon us! I myself am planning another vacation, so I recently revisited a blog I had done…

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    Acupuncture for Pets

    Feb 28 2014

    Did you know that both Dr. Yung and Dr. Marcus perform veterinary acupuncture?  This method has been used to treat humans for thousands of years, but many pet owners don’t…

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    Why is dental health important for pets?

    Jan 17 2014

    by Dr. Jenny Beedle Periodontal disease is the most common health problem in dogs and cats.  This disease occurs when oral bacteria attach to the teeth as a part of…

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    ‘Tis the Season…for Holiday Hazards

    Nov 25 2013

    by Dr. Marcus Now that the holidays are coming up quickly, we need to remember that this season can actually be dangerous to our pets.  From slipping out the door…

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    Feed a Shelter Pet this Holiday Season!

    Nov 25 2013

    After last year’s tremendous success, we are holding our 2nd Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive. Once again, we are collecting food to feed pets at the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter.  Last…

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    Snotty Kitties: The Truth Behind the Sneezing & Congestion

    Oct 30 2013

    by Dr. Beedle  Many cat owners have experienced a “snotty kitty” – your cat doesn’t feel well, sneezes and sounds congested much like a person with a cold.  But what…