Jan 01 2017

It’s Dental Health Month!

That’s right, Dental Health Month is back!

Pet Dental Health Month

Give us a call or click here now to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning and get $35 off when you book during January and February.

Why is dental health important for pets?

In the words of our very own Dr. Marcus “You brush your teeth twice a day and when you go to the dentist every 6 months they still have to scrape tartar off your teeth! What do you think happens to your pets teeth?”

And eating crunchy food?  Well, prescription dental diets can help slow tartar buildup, but they don’t take the place of dental care. If you switched to an all-pretzel diet don’t you think you’d still need to brush and go to the dentist?

So don’t wait, schedule today!

Questions? We’ve got answers:


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